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About the Program

A SAA State Ambassador is a national SAA volunteer who serves as a leader for a state in which they are enrolled academically to improve state and interstate communication between SAA chapters (if more than one exists) and the state’s professional organization(s). SAA State Ambassadors work closely with a professional mentor as appropriate.

How to Volunteer

Members interested in applying for the State Ambassador Program will need to fill out an application. There is one application for students and a separate application for professionals to serve as mentors.

Applications are open year-round. The volunteer term for the SAA State Ambassador Program follows the SAA Board of Directors term July 1-June 30.

Primary Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities outlined in the SAA volunteer expectations document, SAA State Ambassadors will:

  • Communicate monthly with SAA chapter representatives within the state and encourage collaboration and participation among chapters for local, state and national events;
  • Assist with the recruitment of new members and chapters by reaching out to undergraduate or graduate programs; and,
  • Communicate with professional leaders within the assigned state.

The primary responsibilities of a SAA State Ambassador Mentor are identifying opportunities for student involvement in the state, including, but not limited to:

  • Advocacy and grassroots initiatives
  • Representation on state audiology boards and organizations
  • Communicate monthly with the mentee, via email or phone call, providing support and advice on becoming a local and state leader in the profession.
  • Assist with communication to the state organization or academy.
  • Provide a mentor update for the newsletters sent to the states (state update newsletters go out monthly).

​Have ideas for the program or are interested in getting involved? Email Kendall Carroll or Lauren Rose Nguyen, SAA State Ambassador Program Co-Chairs.

State Updates

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