Why are you interested in joining the national SAA Board of Directors?

I have enjoyed my time thus far on the board and hope to continue helping the national SAA during the next term. I have enjoyed the networking opportunities with fellow students, as well as professionals in the field. I have appreciated the opportunity to travel to different areas in the United States to experience different cultures, to learn more about the audiology profession, and to expand my professional network. In the upcoming term, I hope to be elected in order to further aid the national SAA with the future of our profession.

What unique traits or skills will you bring to a leadership position with the national SAA?

I have gone through my share of ups and downs when it comes to being an audiology student and I believe my perspective may help other students who are in the field or interested in the field of audiology succeed. My dedication to service can also help in the national SAA as I take joy in stepping up and helping others. I have enjoyed my time during the 2023 to 2024 term helping my fellow board members, as well as my local SAA chapter succeed.

If you could change one thing about the profession of audiology, what would it be?

Attending graduate school in the rural state of Idaho has opened my eyes to the need for more audiology services and better provider compliance with telehealth. Idaho is considered 31percent rural, with the national average being 19 percent (United States Census Bureau QuickFacts, n.d.). Telehealth can be hard for providers to get on board with due to reimbursement issues, state laws, and concerns of not offering proper care. However, many patients may have to travel hours to receive audiology care, and some may not be able to receive care due to mobility and health. Audiology in rural areas is improving but it can always be better. Going forward with my audiology career, I hope to be part of the solution to this problem.