What are your specific interests in audiology? What are your professional goals related to these interests?

The number of interests I have for the profession of audiology keeps growing, as I continue to learn more about the profession. As of now, some of the interests that I have are related to pediatric audiology, auditory processing disorder (APD) and balance assessments. I recently completed my pediatric audiology course. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work with children. However, this pediatric class started to change my mind. I will take the pediatric amplification class in the spring semester.

My professional goal related to pediatrics is to have a semester-long rotation working with solely pediatric patients. This will help me to decide if I want to pursue a future working with children. APD is something I don’t know that much about. However, my professional goal associated with this is to learn more about it. One of our professors does many APD assessments and I would love to observe one of her appointments. The clinic at my university is starting to develop an APD clinic where, eventually, we will see and treat patients. Balance assessments is another area that interests me. I will be taking this class in the next (spring) semester. With APD and balance assessments our university requires that we obtain five hours in each of these categories. However, I want to get as much hands-on experience as I can get. One of my professional goals related to these subjects are observing and conducting as many assessments as I can. Ultimately, I want to be comfortable working in these areas.

Have you previously volunteered with the SAA?

Metavolunteer for the chapter relations committee of the national SAA. Primarily working on increasing diversity and inclusion within SAA. I have helped reach out to universities (undergraduate and graduate) that do not have current SAA chapters to see if they are interested and have a faculty advisor. Additionally, I have helped the national SAA with chapter renewals. This has mainly been working to update the chapter resource packet and prepping for chapter renewals. For my local SAA chapter, I am the treasurer and work to maintain financial records for the chapter, collect funds/fees

Aside from the SAA, what other relevant volunteer experiences do you have?

Participating in local volunteer opportunities with Arkansas Hands and Voices, volunteering through my university’s (UAMS) NSSLHA chapter and volunteering with my local SAA chapter. This includes events like Special Olympics, pumpkin patches, scrub drives, and more.