SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Molly Mochel

SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Molly Mochel

May 16, 2019 SAA News

Name: Molly Mochel
University: Purdue University
Year in Program: Third Year
Committee: Development Committee

Why did you decide to become an SAA committee volunteer?
During my first two years in the AuD program at Purdue, I held leadership roles on the executive board of our SAA chapter. As my time as President came to an end at the close of my second year, I knew I wanted to stay involved in SAA, and I thought getting involved in a national SAA committee was the perfect way to do so! One of the main things that drew me to volunteering on an SAA committee was the opportunity to work with AuD students from other universities.

What do your responsibilities within your committee include?
The main things I worked on include organizing videos from practicing audiologists for humanitarian month and working on two blogs, one about fundraising and another about student humanitarian work.

Within the field of audiology, what are your primary interests?
I am pretty much interested in everything! I have a preference for working with the adult population, but do enjoy working with pediatrics as well. I love working with hearing aids and cochlear implants as well.



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