SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Stephanie Berry

SAA Committee Member Spotlight: Stephanie Berry

June 15, 2017 SAA News

Name: Stephanie Berry
University: Washington University in St. Louis
Year in program: Undergraduate Senior
Committee: Undergraduate Committee


1. Why did you decide to become an SAA Committee Volunteer?
I attend a university that doesn’t have a full undergraduate communication sciences department and at the time, the graduate SAA chapter did not have it in the bylaws to have undergraduate members. I wanted to become a committee member because it has been a great way for me to engage with audiology on a larger scale as an undergrad. Also, being a member of the SAA undergrad committee was extremely helpful during my own application process to graduate programs because I have been able to get in-depth knowledge of the resources the SAA has for AuD applicants and help add feedback to what kind of resources could be updated in the future.

 2. What do your responsibilities include within your committee?
I am an undergraduate committee representative for the SAA chapters in Regions 4 and 5. With this, I have reached out to chapters to ask about any experience they have had with incorporating undergraduate students into their activities, and if they have not, what barriers they have had to reaching undergraduate students. Secondly, our committee has focused a lot on creating resources for undergraduate students that are posted to the SAA website and social media. This year, I worked on updating and adding some additions to the Applying to an Audiology Graduate Program information packet on the website. I have also been formatting a survey open to all AuD students to fill out about how they got into a graduate program to give applicants an idea of what successful students have done.

 3. Within profession of Audiology, what are your primary interests?
Currently, I am interested in working with children with multiple disabilities and doing hearing health community outreach. That being said, I am excited to start my AuD program in the fall and experience all interest areas available!

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