Congratulations to the 2017-2018 SAA Board of Directors! 

NEW! Student Leaders in Audiology Conference
The Student Leaders in Audiology Conference (SLAC) was created to provide an open and engaging opportunity for students to grow and develop skills in leadership so that they may become active, contributory members to an already thriving audiology community. The audience will be solely comprised of audiology students who have been selected through a rigorous application process to become future leaders and decision makers in the profession of audiology. Programming will include 3 featured sessions from current leaders in the profession, as well as break-out and interactive sessions specific to those topics and themes discussed during lecture. To participate, members should have filled out an application and submitted it on or before January 25, 2017. Applicants will be notified by February 15, 2017 if they have been selected. All participants will need to register for AudiologyNOW! 2017 as a student attendee.

The Student Leaders in Audiology Conference is sponsored in part by Audigy Group with special thanks to the Michigan Audiology Coalition, the Louisiana Academy of Audiology, and the Ohio State Leadership in Education in Neurodevelopmental and Other Disabilities (LEND).

The SAA Board of Directors includes the President, President-Elect, and eight members at large who are national SAA members that are elected to one-year terms aside from the President-Elect. The SAA Board of Directors is the link between the national SAA, local SAA chapters, volunteers, and student members. Board members represent the breadth and depth of SAA initiatives and interests by following the outlined Roles & Responsibilities and by serving as committee chairs guided by the strategic direction in the areas of public awareness, philanthropy, leadership, communications, chapter and member relations, and AudiologyNOW! programming. Committee chairs select SAA Member volunteers to serve on their committees for the duration of their term.

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