Application Essays

Application Essays

Some programs will use the term “cover letter” or “letter of interest” for your application essay. A cover letter usually includes information about how/why you are qualified for the position you are applying for, and your specific interest in the organization. Similar to a cover letter, a letter of interest is a snapshot of your interest in a graduate program and contains a description of why you should be considered for an interview. Cover letters and letters of interest should accompany a resume and other required documentation.

Most programs will ask for a personal statement. This should be a one- to two-page document in which you talk about yourself, your clinical interests, the reason(s) you want to be an audiologist, and why you are interested in a particular graduate program. This is your chance to shine!

Sample Essay Prompts:

  1. What attracted you to this field of study and what have you done to learn more about it?
  2. What are your career goals?
  3. What do you perceive as the needs and/or challenges in this field of study?
  4. Does your academic record reflect your ability in the field you desire? If not, please explain.
  5. What particular strengths do you possess that qualify you for the program?
  6. What education and skills do you expect to acquire through obtaining this degree?
  7. Why specifically do you want to attend this university?

It is important to have at least one person proofread your paper. If possible, have one person read it who is familiar with audiology or the application process, and have one person read it who is unfamiliar with audiology or the application process. Most universities have a writing center that assist students with brainstorming, formatting, spelling, and grammatical checks for their personal statements and/or resumes.

Personal statements are often considered to be one of the hardest part of the application process. Take time and invest in the development of your personal statement because it is the best way to represent yourself.