Applying to Audiology Graduate School

Applying to Audiology Graduate School

Congratulations on considering a career in audiology! This informational packet was created by members of the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) Chapter and Member Relations Committee to assist undergraduate students in researching and applying to audiology graduate programs. This committee is comprised of audiology graduate and undergraduate students with the goal of supporting undergraduates through the creation and promotion of SAA resources. A PDF version of the packet is available.

Also, the Students with Hearing Loss Task Force created a resource specifically for the special interest group it represents. Similar to the Applying to Audiology Graduate School Packet, this resource provides additional information, tools, and considerations a student with hearing loss may utilize during his or her graduate application process. 

Please contact Allison Reitz, Member Relations Committee Chair, with any questions. 

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Application Process

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*Neither the authors nor the American Academy of Audiology are the authoritative source on graduate school applications. The best resource for admissions information is to reference the individual graduate programs’ application requirements.