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Advisors Corner

An advisor-specific section in bimonthly SAAy Anything e-newsletter written by the current National SAA Advisor and Chair of the Student Academy of Audiology Advisory Committee (SAAAC). The goal is to deliver pertinent information to SAA Chapter Advisors to help them guide and oversee their SAA Chapters successfully.

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SAA Chapter Advisors Community

The Academy has created a special community just for SAA Chapter Advisors! Periodic posts will be made to the community discussion board in addition to housing useful documents and resources in the community’s library. The community can also be used as a platform to reach out to other SAA Advisors regarding potential collaborations or to solicit advice. To enroll, login to the Audiology Community, click on the tab “My Communities” select the SAA Chapter Advisors Community, and subscribe. It is recommended to set email notifications to Daily Digest for maximum benefit.

SAA Chapter Advisors Information Packet

This document is intended for potential, new, and returning SAA Chapter Advisors and leaders to use as a reference tool for basic information about the SAA, including how to become a local SAA chapter, chapter affiliation, and chapter resources for participation and activities.

Questions, comments, suggestions, and/or feedback about the information in this packet can be directed to the national SAA office

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