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The national students with hearing loss subcommittee is committed to improving accessibility and providing a community for students with hearing loss interested in the profession of audiology as well as educating peers with normal hearing, audiologists, faculty, and the public about integrating accessibility into school and daily life and advocating for others with hearing loss. Below are several resources all students and professionals can refer to when interacting with individuals who have hearing loss. Additionally, there are resources specific to accessibility and empowerment for students with hearing loss. Audiology students with hearing loss interested in joining an online community with other audiology students with hearing loss can send a request to join our Students with Hearing Loss Facebook group.

Resources for Students and Advocates

  • How to Add Captions to a Video: List of instructions to add captions to YouTube and Facebook videos; ensure that everyone has access to the content you create, whether formally or informally. Important and often required by universities for any new materials.
  • Resources for Access: Accessibility and communication options available for patients, peers, coworkers with hearing loss in a variety of situations, from informational conversations to conference presentations.
  • There’s an App for That: Other information accessibility and communication apps, from person use to the classroom. This list can be helpful with troubleshooting specific situations in which communication is difficult or prohibitive.

Resources for Students with Hearing Loss

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