Haunted Hustle 5K

Haunted Hustle 5K

November 27, 2017 SAA News

The 5th annual Haunted Hustle for Hearing 5K Run/Walk was successfully carried out this year on October 14, 2017 with a new timing system. The goal of this event is to provide a constant source of funding to children and adults with hearing loss who visit the University of Iowa’s student-run audiology clinic, the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Center.

A total of 93 participants signed up for the event, despite unfavorable weather conditions. After taking all expenses into consideration, the University of Iowa SAA Chapter increased its net profit for the Hearing Assistive Technology Fund by approximately $1,866. Funds from the Hearing Assistive Technology Fund are made available to clients in financial need who seek hearing aids or other assistive listening technology. Clients who apply for funds can receive up to $250 toward one hearing aid, or $500 toward two. Clients purchasing another kind of device or audiologically-necessary item, such as an FM system or new earmolds, can receive up to $500 to offset costs.

The purchase of this timing system could not have occurred without the assistance of the SAA Humanitarian, Educational, and Awareness Resource (HEAR) Chapter Grant. Members of the University of Iowa SAA Chapter are excited to continue to use this system to help their event grow and raise money for individuals at the clinic, and are grateful for the critical support provided by the American Academy of Audiology Foundation.

If your chapter is interested in applying for a SAA HEAR Chapter Grant, email Rachael Sifuentes, Associate Director of SAA and Volunteer Engagement, or click here for an application.

The SAA HEAR Chapter Grants are generously underwritten by Starkey Hearing Technologies.


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