What are your specific interests in audiology? What are your professional goals related to these interests?

My interests in audiology encompass cochlear implants, electrophysiology, and research. I currently work with Dr. Anu Sharma in her brain and behavior laboratory researching cortical changes before and after amplification. I also work with Dr. Allison Biever, researching cochlear implants and will be continuing with Dr. Biever during my fourth-year externship. My professional goals are to continue to pursue research while also working with cochlear implant patients. I would love to assist in clinical trial research at an external site or within a company.

Have you previously volunteered with the SAA?

I have previously volunteered with my local university chapter through the University of Colorado Boulder. At the local chapter level, I have been a member since my first year in the AuD program, and during my second year, I ran our earmold clinic where we supplied musicians’ ear plugs to other university students for a discounted price.

Aside from the SAA, what other relevant volunteer experiences do you have?

As an undergraduate student, I volunteered for Illini Service Dogs, which is a non-profit organization that trains mobility service dogs and gives them to an individual in need free of charge. During my four years volunteering for this organization, I held the role of fundraising chair for a year where I coordinated all fundraisers and donations. Additionally, I volunteered for a therapeutic horseback riding organization for children with disabilities while in high school.