What are your specific interests in audiology? What are your professional goals related to these interests?

My specific audiology interests include hearing aids, bilingual populations, underserved communities, and audiology research using a public health approach. My professional goal is to become a bilingual clinician-researcher and work as a professor in the future. I plan to research ways to improve patient care and optimize hearing aid fittings for our non-English speaking patients. Leadership is extremely important to me so I hope to be involved in various levels of audiology leadership throughout my career.

Have you previously volunteered with the SAA?

I have been volunteering with my local SAA chapter since 2019 when the chapter at CSULA was founded. I served as the undergraduate rep and the treasurer during my final two years of undergrad. Last year I served as the first-year liaison for my local University of Texas at Dallas UTD chapter. This year I am serving as the president of our UTD chapter. Additionally, I am the Texas state ambassador, a member of the public outreach committee, student liaison to the PAC committee, and a member of the DEI subcommittee.

Aside from the SAA, what other relevant volunteer experiences do you have?

I used to volunteer at a hospital in Los Angeles. I also volunteered at a low-income elementary school in undergrad and I volunteered at my local library.