Get Involved in Community Outreach

The national SAA holds many national campaigns to promote public awareness and good works of the profession. Below is a listing of the SAA's legacy initiatives that take place over the course of the year that are ideal for SAA chapters to participate in.

get involved national campaigns

The upcoming year presents us with a great opportunity to continue service project traditions and collaborate with organizations for chapters to participate in community outreach.


Public Outreach Spotlight

The Public Outreach Spotlight Initiative encourages SAA members and chapters to reach out to their local community to offer humanitarian services and share their ideas and efforts with other chapters. The purpose of the Spotlight is to recognize the amazing humanitarian work that is done by SAA members and to inspire chapters and members to actively participate in humanitarian audiology. There are multiple ways to participate:

  1. Create a local event to serve your community and/or
  2. Join/host a regional event.

Your chapter can submit for extra chapter points if hosting an event! Contact Bailey Harmon, national SAA Public Outreach Committee Chair, to showcase what your chapter is doing in the community or if you have any questions.


"Ask Me About Audiology" Campaign (AMAA)

In celebration of October being National Audiology Awareness Month, the SAA Public Outreach Committee challenges all SAA Chapters to advocate for audiology by participating in the fifth annual "Ask Me About Audiology" Campaign. The goal of the campaign is to bring audiology awareness down to the local level and encourage consumers to ask questions about audiology and hearing-related issues. Send pictures and/or reflections about your chapter's experiences participating in the event to the national SAA Education Committee Chair, Michelle Wu, or tag us on social media.


Power of the Constituent Campaign

Every year between January and May, state legislators convene in their corresponding state's capitol to participate in the process of lawmaking known as legislative sessions. During this time, members of the public are welcomed and encouraged to reserve space within their state's capitol to converse with their state legislators about issues that they are most passionate about and/or directly affect their quality of life, whether on a personal, professional, or global level. This is where YOU come in! The national SAA Public Outreach Committee is challenging you to take advocacy to the next level in your own state and allow your voice to be heard where it matters most - upon the ears of your state's legislators! We have provided training sessions, how-to documents, and many resources for your chapter.


SAA Humanitarian Month / World Hearing Day

Organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Hearing Day is held annually on March 3 after being introduced at the First International Conference on Prevention and Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment in 2007. Each year, the WHO and other international and local organizations carry out ear- and auditory perception-related activities and events to promote hearing health and care around the world. Possible service projects include planning or participating in a hearing screening, a food drive, handing our earplugs at a local event, or educating the public by giving a presentation or holding a social media campaign about hearing loss or hearing healthcare.


Special Olympics Healthy Hearing

Special Olympics is the largest global public health organization dedicated to serving individuals with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics provides free health screenings and information to Special Olympics athletes at local, regional, and world games. One of the health screening programs provided by Special Olympics is called Special Olympics Healthy Hearing (SOHH), which provides free hearing screenings, education about hearing and hearing loss, and medical referrals. SAA members are encouraged to volunteer with SOHH by connecting with their Healthy Hearing Clinical Directors in their states. Click the header to find your respective local Special Olympics program.