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  1. Host a journal club where everyone reads an article related to addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in audiology. 
  2. Invite a speaker to talk about cultural humility, and considerations when working with diverse patient populations. 
  3. Start an audiology Spanish club (or another language that is prevalent in your area), and practice with other students who are interested in learning. If you host on Teams/Zoom more chapters can be involved. 
  4. Diversity, equity, & inclusion game/trivia night
  5. Facilitate group research to better understand the demographics and social determinants of health in your city/state. Does your patient demographic align with the information you’ve found? If not, consider working with a faculty member to organize an intentional outreach event to target diverse patient populations. 
  6. Host a group discussion about barriers to care in your area and strategize on how they could be improved 
  7. Include the unconscious bias quiz in any of these events for everyone to complete beforehand and discuss (not their results) but rather feelings about the quiz and maybe how much they realized/how it relates to audiologists & their patients 
  8. Invite speakers speak on how to deal with racism in the workplace as an extern trainee when it comes from patients and/or preceptors. 
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